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Total War

Lore For The World(s)

The Lore For Zokeroth
The world or the continent, since this is only a part of the world, is called Zokeroth. Its name originates from a legend told by the long dead locals, the Phraks. What a Phrak is isn’t important right now, what is important is the state where this continent is right now.

The humans who came from inland are trying to expand their borders here in Zokeroth, but they weren’t here first, remember the mention of the Phraks?
The Phraks were killed by the Horde who landed here and allied themselves with the Trolls, after the victory over the Phraks and conquering of their lands the leaders of the Horde declared this place inhabitable and thus left. What they didn’t know was that their enemies the Elven Alliance had also landed here and had started to build a huge evergreen forest with magic and hid themselves here, they made that forest and the city in there a safe haven incase their capital across the sea would be destroyed.

When the human first human kingdom of Palkia had arrived they found out that one of their old enemies the Dwarves also had a kingdom here, but this particular kingdom wasn’t in war with them so they left them alone. Soon after exploring they found the Trolls in the north-east and declared war on them because of their home mountain that consisted almost purely of a material called Rema, it is the most expensive luxurious and rarest diamond that the humans could get their hands on, the Trolls have no use for it because it’s weak and thus has no value as building material but the humans wanted it, one kilo of this rare blood red diamond was in its average price about 2.016 gold.

It’s so expensive only because it’s the easiest, most beautiful and the rarest luxury gem used in jewelry and such. The Trolls were willing to trade but the amount they offered was so little it was insulting to the humans, it also didn’t help that the Trolls were using this material as trading material with the Dark Elves who used this rare diamond in their magical items, this diamond could hold almost endless amount of magical energy.

The humans hated the Dark Elves and as diplomacy failed one of the human kings said in a meeting: ‘’Why buy something you can take?’’
This erupted war between the three races, while the Dark Elves are hiding in the shadows and not taking a part in this conflict the Trolls are preparing for war.
Trolls are about 2.6 meters tall and are pretty strong, the only armor they wear is plate mail and they use heavy weaponry, they have a lot of weapons such as mauls, hammers, axes, bastard swords, morning suns, flail, enormous shields and their most deadly weapon of all, the Viik.

While the Trolls are extremely powerful and live for a rather long time they are few in number, they aren’t the rabbits the humans are. Their capital only has a population of 4.7 million and that’s pretty much their entire population. The humans that are currently in Zokeroth have a total population of about 14.1 million and of this the army has a maximum size of 6.6 million.

The Dwarves that live here are about 9.7 million in number, the Elves don’t exactly have a population in this land since they are just building their city but the current Elves here are 6.1 million and most of them aren’t even warriors.

Because the Trolls and the Dwarves here have never been in any wars except the great Phrak extermination they aren’t that great of warriors, but the Trolls have always been training for battle.
Hey, in a world where there’s no electricity what are you supposed to do for fun? The Trolls have these Gladiator like tournaments while the Dwarves just want to be on the safe side.

The first battle between the humans and the Trolls hasn’t taken place yet since they are still marching towards them, also the Half-Creature city has also kept the humans busy.
The Half-Creature city is where all half-elves, half-orcs etc. Are, this is their home and they are sworn to defend their rights to live, but the humans are a little against this since they’ve been sieging it for the past three weeks.

FYI: The humans are pretty racist in case you didn’t notice.

The Lore For Mairak
Mairak means many islands on the tongue of the natives, the Jala’s, they are peaceful beings who look like humans with yellow skin and wings, not to mention claws for fingers.
Humans who have traveled to this continent and have come back alive tell tales of fallen angels. Little to no one pays attention to these tales but one can’t but to wonder, do angels live amongst us?

The Jala’s have their own cities and remain undisturbed by the invading Horde and the fleeing Elven Alliance, the Jala’s remain neutral because they are afraid of their enemies who have allied themselves with the Horde, the Goblins.
The Goblins live on a large island and are numerous, their numbers are unmatched and ever since they were recruited to the ever growing Horde the Elves and Jala’s began their diplomatic negotiations.
The Jala’s wish to remain neutral but now the Goblins have joined forces with the Horde and the Jala’s have been forced to join the Elven Alliance, even thou the negotiations are still going on some of the Jalan people have already joined in the ranks of the Elven army.

While this is the home of the High Elves they still do not have that great of an advantage, because the home of the Wood Elves has been destroyed and the reinforcements of the Mountain Elves are failing against the strong Horde these three races are now stuck in the Elven capital city, the Elves have never before fought in a great conflict so naturally they are no match for the warmongering Horde who fight anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyway possible.

The war is in a large favor of the Horde, there’s only little hope left for the new generals taking over, and the new generals must do better than their elders did before them but first they must choose.

First, they can take the fight to them. The Horde is building a massive fleet at the Goblins island and if they’re not stopped the Elven navy won’t be nearly enough to defend their last great beacon of hope.

The second option is to flee thousands of civilians have already been evacuated to Zokeroth, a continent the Horde has yet touched.
If the Elves flee to this new beacon of hope and survival they might just stand a chance.

The Lore For Kirk
Kirk is an ancient land belonging to the Dwarfs, but the humans have gotten their eyes on this land and its riches and thus they have decided to take it, three Dwarven kingdoms stand on their own laws and rules, even thou are of the same race these three have never worked well together.

War isn’t a new thing to this land, even thou there hasn’t been a conflict for 149 years the Dwarfs live long and never forget, the humans who came to this ancient land have already begun their operations to steal all the Dwarven gold and other precious minerals.

These three Dwarven kingdoms all share different traits, up in the north stand’s the greatest of them all, the kingdom of the Crystal Mountain. Known as one of the coldest spots on the world the mountain is also the greatest source of the best materials for war and construction.

Over to the west you can see the great statues of the City Dwarfs, because they left their mountains and decided to live on cities they know and have the best siege weaponry in the world.

More to the east from the City Dwarfs there are the Dwarfs of the Lake.
Originally the lake was a home for Dark Elves but the Dwarfs dealt with them and took over their island in the middle of the great Lake and the mountain in the middle of the island, while they have the best ranged weaponry and the longest spears these Dwarfs are poor at offense.

This is also the first continent that the humans invaded, they have a lot of troops here but they are still vulnerable. They are spread everywhere in the continent and have little to no reinforcements because all reinforcements are reserved for the taking of Zokeroth.

Races & Class Restrictions
Playable races and class restrictions:

Trolls: Warrior, Ranger
+Early heavy armor and weaponry
+Fast, big and strong
+20% Magic resistance
+Immune to poison
+Race limited weaponry
+Completely impossible to siege
+Can see better in the dark than Dwarves
+ Intimidating
+Long lifespan

-Needs a lot of food
-Once morale is down it’s hard to get back up again
-No mounts
-Slow movement on the campaign map
-Bad diplomatic relations
-Lack of discipline
-Race limited weaponry
-No siege weapons
-Can’t use magic
-Don’t understand how technology works

The trolls only have one city and don’t loot because they believe that armor and weaponry made by someone else who’s not a troll completely useless, the trolls have no interest in jewelry but they have an interest in bloodshed.

Orcs: Warrior, Shaman, Ranger, Mage
+Early medium armor and weaponry
+Fairly strong
+Knowledge of naval combat

-Racial restricted weaponry and armor
-Horrible diplomatic skills
-A little dumb
-Like to drink
- Move slowly on the campaign map
-No siege weapons
-Not great strategists
Orcs are brutal dumb killers without strategy, they aren’t cowards and often miscalculate and overestimate their power.
Because orcs live on the other side of the sea reinforcements aren’t going to come in anytime soon.

Goblins: Scout, Ranger, Warrior
+Don’t care if one of them dies (They are 127 million in total number on their home land across the sea, they’re worse than rabbits)
+Can climb up vertical walls

-Restricted racial armor and weaponry
-Can only use light weapons and weaponry
-Short lifespan
-Huge ADHD
-Easily scared
-Unable to wield magic

Goblins don’t have any idea what a strategy or tactic means, they rely on sabotage, espionage, ambushes and sheer numbers. These cowards also live on the other side of the sea.

Dwarves: Warrior, Ranger
+Early Heavy armor and weaponry
+Good relations with everyone
+Almost impossible to siege
+Powerful siege weapons
+Poison resistance
+Can see better in the dark than humans

-Slow on both maps
-No mounts
-Can’t use magic
-Unable to use big weapons
-Unable to use magic

Dwarves are mainly neutral, they are strong and peaceful but when provoked, reveal themselves to be rather dangerous adversaries.

High Elves: Mage, Shaman, Priest, Guardian
+20% Effectiveness on fire, arcane and enchantment magic
+ (Guardian) Able to use elven heavy armor and weaponry
+Long lifespan
+Strong against evil magic
+Good diplomatic skills

-Weak in up close and personal
-Weak against evil magic

Wood Elves: Warrior, Ranger, Shaman
+Fast on both maps
+20% effectiveness on nature, elemental and animal magic
+Animal companions

Mountain Elves: Warrior, Ranger, Shaman, Bowman
+Fast movement on both maps
+ (Bowman) Very long range archers
+15& magic resistance
+Able to use heavy armor unlike other elves
+Extremely disciplined
+10% Effectiveness with enchanted weapons and armor

-20% less effectiveness with all magic
-Prefer meat
-Rather violent

All of the Elven Alliance races are honest, strong, nature loving, magic wielding, smart and peaceful beings. But they don’t like it when the humans discovered an endless supply of wood in their magical evergreen forest that they grew via magic. Thus, war broke out.

Humans: Warrior, Scout, Ranger, Mage, Paladin
+Many allies
+Lots of resources
+Have the most amounts of resources and gold of all races
+A lot of manpower
+ (Paladin) Uses holy armor and weaponry which almost completely neglects other magic

-Extremely violent and racist towards all nonhuman races.
-Can’t use elven or troll equipment
-REALLY prefer meat
-Love to drink

Humans are jackasses who think way too much of themselves.
Also, as you see from the ‘chart’ above not all classes are playable with all races. So choose wisely!
Wears heavy armor and weaponry, only a warrior is able to use big two handed weapons.

Shaman uses enchanted weapons and armor, he is the only one who is able to wield multiple different magic’s in the same tree, for example. He can use a small axe that’s freezes the points it hits and a short sword that’s on fire.

Difference between a Bowman and a Ranger:
Ranger can use crossbows while a Bowman is able to use longbows and great bows.

A paladin uses holy weapons and armor, they are more resistant to magic and have healing spells.

Priest is the main healer but a Shadow Priest can raise the dead and eventually become a Necromancer.

Uses specialized elven heavy armor and weapons, weighting about the same as medium armor the elven heavy armor is very effective, elven heavy weapons include a two meter long spear and a bunch of other special elven weapons.

Scout is the fastest and the only one able to use specialized spy gear such as smoke bombs and light armor with fast weaponry.

Robes and staffs, the mage uses offensive spells and can specialize in multiple different talent trees later on.

Armies, Commanding & Travel

A medieval army (based on the terrain, equipment, troop health and other factors) could travel over 100 kilometers on the course of 4 days. That’s roughly about 25 kilometers a day. And this is the speed of an army the size of about 15.000.
So yeah, I had to do some math (which I hate) and determine that the speed for an human army in this game is 12 hexagons a day, because one hexagon represents 2 kilometers.
Roughly, terrain might sometimes have something to do with the distance. For example, a hilly terrain will be counted as 4 kilometers because hills aren’t easy to travel.
Snow and extreme cold hexagon areas will be counted as 6 kilometers because…..Have you ever tried to march an army in extreme cold and snow?

Mountains are 8 and forests are 4, if you travel by sea and have good ships then one hexagon will be counted as 1 kilometer. So if you’re good at math you can pull off pretty strategic stuff in this game.

Food! A hungry army won’t fight some races like the elves and humans don’t need to bring a lot of supplies because they can live off the land, especially elves.
Trolls on the other hand are carnivores, meaning that they must bring cattle with them to the campaign and lots of it. But trolls do hold a major advantage over other races because they are able to easily digest pretty much anything meaty, lizards, frogs, turtles, birds, dogs, cats, rats, humans, elves, dwarves and even each other. Cannibalism isn’t that weird to them at all, whenever someone dies on the battlefield they can be happy about it because they can feed their comrades. But this is also the final nail in the box that makes it so that the other races despise them and refuse to have anything to do with them.
Water is also important to all races and especially to the elves.

Morale is also important, if the army’s morale is low it won’t fight as well and might flee. But if its morale is high it won’t run, instead it will stay and fight.

Strategy! War requires not only supplies and soldiers, it also requires a wise generals to lead it.
High ground, magical troops, heavy infantry, spearmen, cavalry, archers, siege weapons. All of this has an effect on the battlefield.
Without giving a huge pile of useful information and giving you a huge advantage I’m just going to tell you this, use your imagination.

I’m also introducing a rather unique point system, and it’s called ‘’Glory’’.
Now, what Glory is, is fairly simple. Depending on your actions and how well you do in your conquests and campaigns you will lose/gain Glory points. What these points do is fairly simple, upgrade your army and use them to cover your ass. Wait what?

What I mean by this is that you must be careful on how you use your Glory points because If you go on the negative side say for example: -5 Glory, will make it so that your troops will actually not listen to you anymore. Some sergeants might even start a small rebellion which can ultimately lead to a wide scale civil war, I don’t think I have to tell how that is going to affect your fame.

Be vary that some decisions as some races will affect your fame/honor pretty hard, for example: If elves slaughter thousands of civilians it’ll have negative effects not only to the general public but to the Elven Kingdom as well, you might even be thrown off the army because of decisions as such.

A few things that simply can’t go without discussion is the skirmish phase, it’s complete and utter chaos.

Just keep in mind that when you are in a skirmish phase it’s hard and time consuming getting orders through to your troops, that’s why it’s easier to have players taking command of small portions of the armies and making plans early on.

I’m not going to give you information about how to counter different races and strategies, because the only way a general should know about his enemies strategies and such is by first witnessing them but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to pull off different strategies from the beginning.
I know that this ‘’guide’’ thing is a total mess but just try to bear with it, and remember that all questions you might have can be addressed to me either via Skype, e-mail, PM or during the game itself.
One more thing, TO WAR!!!

Handbook v1.2

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